Admission Requirements

Application Checklist

To help you ensure that you will be evaluated for admissions prior to your desired start date, the following will be required for admission into most of our programs:

  • Complete application
  • Application fee
  • Complete Enrollment Agreement
  • Submit transcripts
  • Provide proof of English language proficiency (for students whose first language is not English)
  • Complete program-specific requirements (see each program's admissions page to the left for details)

Please contact an enrollment counselor at, 1-800-280-0307 or chat now to get help with your application.

Additional Admissions requirements

Program requirements under the Catalog

Students are admitted into the College under the program requirements in the Catalog in effect at the time of admission. They remain with those program requirements throughout their enrollment at ACE. However, if students withdraw, are administratively withdrawn, or dismissed and wish to return to the College, they will return under the program requirements in the Catalog in effect at the time of re-admission or re-entry.

Program requirements may change over time and these will be reflected in a Catalog or Addendum. Students may request to move to a more recent Catalog by sending an email to Students may not move to program requirements in an earlier Catalog version.

Application and fee

An applicant applies for admission to American College of Education by completing the online application form and paying the nonrefundable admission fee. The application and fee are valid for one year, after which they are considered expired if the applicant has not completed the entire admissions process. Prospective students are encouraged to contact an enrollment counselor with questions about the College or the admissions process.

Notification of admission decision

Once all required admission documents are received, a student's file is reviewed. If the applicant meets the admission requirements, he/she is either fully admitted or provisionally admitted. Students are notified of their acceptance through an e-mail.

Admission status

Full admission

A status assigned to a student who has met all requirements for admission.

Provisional admission

A status assigned to student whose:

  1. Cumulative GPA (grade-point average) is between 2.5 and 2.75 in the last degree earned, but who otherwise meets the College admission requirements, or
  2. Official transcripts for previous course work have not been received by American College of Education

Provisional Admission stays in place for the first two courses. If the cumulative GPA does not reach 3.0 after the first two courses, or if the official transcripts are not received by the end of the first course, the student will be administratively withdrawn.


Applicants who do not meet the admission requirements are denied admission. A denied applicant may re-apply once he/she believes that admission requirements can be met.