Final Year Project (FYP) Cycle and Proposal Guidelines

  1. Before the start of each semester the member of FYP committee and secretary of EE department will seek out a list of final year projects which all of the faculty members are willing to offer. This list will be posted on the notice board of EE department. Each faculty member should provide a short paragraph outlining the scope and intended outcomes of the project. Interested students may approach faculty members to discuss the specifics of the project. If a group of students may want to undertake any other project, they may contact any suitable supervisor who is willing to guide them.
  2. The students of 7th semester must register with the FYP technical committee through a prescribed form see annex A. FYP technical committee after due consideration may ask students to revise the scope of their project. The scope of the FYP projects can be revised with the mutual consent of supervisor. The technical committee must be informed if the scope of the project is to be modified substantially.
  3. It is mandatory for students to meet (communicate) with the supervisor biweekly and discuss their progress / problems if any.
  4. The first and only interim presentation of the project will take place in the 3rd – 4th week of the 8th semester. This interim presentation would be a short 15-20 minute presentation must demonstrate the progress and highlight the technical challenges facing them. Final draft of the thesis must be submitted FYP technical committee before the commencement of the final exams of 8th term. It would be responsibility of the students to get the draft report and presentation slides reviewed from the supervisor.
  5. The final presentations on the project will be held in the 3rd – 4th week of the 9th semester (i.e. after completion of final exams).
  6. In case if students are not able to complete their project in the stipulated time period, FYP technical committee and HOD EE may allow them additional time to complete their FYP.
  7. The timeline of FYP cycle is illustrated Table II:

    Table II Simplified FYP Timeline

    Role of FYP Technical Committee

    For FYP monitoring/ evaluation, an FYP technical committee would be formed constituting three senior faculty members. These faculty members would be nominated by HOD (EE) for a period of two years and in case of unavailability/absence of a committee member another faculty member will be nominated for the remaining tenure.
    The FYP technical committee is mainly responsible for the following important assignments.
    1. Contact faculty members and obtain reasonable pool of final year project to be advertised to the final year students.
    2. Receive and review the project proposals, duly vet the scope of the work and advise students accordingly.
    3. With the help of secretary EE disseminate the important deadlines to the FYP students well in advance.
    4. Take monthly feedback from supervisors and reprimand the negligent students.
    Preferably FYP technical committee should be comprised of experienced faculty members from diverse backgrounds so that they as a team can judge and assist the students appropriately. Members of FYP committee consists of HOD (EE), external and internal examiners of FYP examination, supervisor of the group and FYP coordinator.

    Role of Supervisor

    Supervisor is the main contact person for FYP students. The prime responsibilities of a FYP supervisor are as follows: Lay down concrete and achievable goals for the project.
  8. Refer the students to relevant techniques and literature which may be help in achieving the project objectives.
  9. Assist students in dissecting the problem, formulating a sensible course of action and help them in analysing the results.
  10. Encourage students to obtain funding opportunities from R&D agencies like NICT R&D fund and SUPARCO

Supervisor is not responsible for doing the project for student and it’s primarily the job of student to committedly and regularly pursue it. It is recommended that any faculty member may not supervise more than two FYP at the same time.


Plagiarism is defined as ‘the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own’. Plagiarism is a very complicated problem and due efforts must be made to educate students about it and how it can be avoided. Some general comments which might help students to avoid plagiarism are as follows:
  1. All the text borrowed from another source must be put in ‘quotes’ and cited in the references.
  2. All the figures borrowed from internet or any other source must be duly cited.
  3. Mere paraphrasing of any source text does not make it your original contribution.
Word for word copy from a website or any other document is a crime. Each FYP report will be put through plagiarism scanning software. If there is a substantial reason to believe that the students have used unfair means, their case may be forwarded to the disciplinary committee.


FYPs may require special resources such as access to hospital for special customized data, or additional hardware/software which may not exist in the inventory of EE department. In such cases supervisors must advise students accordingly. FYP resource centre has been recently established to facilitate the students. This resource centre is equipped with necessary discrete components, so that students may use the required components for the development of their prototype. The approval for establishment of centre is attached in Annexure-x.

Final Presentation

Ideally 3-4 weeks after the final exams of 8th semester FYP students would have to give their project presentation in front of a panel comprising of internal and external examiners. A 30 min presentation must be delivered by group and each student must participate in the discussion highlighting his/her contributions to the project.
Although no hard and fast rules are prescribed for FYP final presentation, however a functional demo for the case of hardware project, analysis, simulation are results for a research oriented projected must be incorporated in the presentation.
After final presentation of the project and assessment of the project technical committee in coordination with examination panel will assess the report for any short comings and communicate in writing to the students. The students upon receipt of these comments would have to submit their modified/updated report within time limit admitted by FYP technical committee and HOD (EE). A brief para-wise compliance report should be submitted.
Two duly hard bound copies of the report will be submitted in addition to soft copy in .pdf format for library archive.

Grading Criteria

The assessment on interim and final presentation will be made by the examination panel consisting of an internal examiner and the external examiner. The internal examiner will be the person supervising the students while the external will be nominated by the HOD Electrical Engineering and the FYP committee and must be from a prestigious engineering University in Pakistan.
The total marks distribution for an FYP is 200 out of which 120 will be given by internal examiner while the rest 80 will be awarded by the external examiner. Any student getting less than 60 % marks from the internal or the external examiner shall be considered as failed in the FYP.
The grading break up of an FYP project is tabulated below

Table III Internal Examiner Marks Distribution

Table IV External Examiner Marks Distribution

Grading on the final report will be made by the FYP technical committee in conjunction with supervisor while the continual performance assessment will be made by the supervisor. The record of all these assessments will be kept by secretary EE department.
In case the student has cleared the FYP evaluation by securing more than 60 % marks from the internal and the external examiner then his thesis will be judged by the FYP committee based on the following suggestions.
No corrections: Immediate submission within two days of the FYP Presentation
Minor Corrections: 2 Weeks’ time for final submission after the FYP Presentation
Major Corrections without viva voce: 1 month time for final submission after the FYP Presentation
Major Corrections with viva voce: 2 months’ time for final submission after the FYP Presentation and the students will have to reappear before FYP committee.