About Us

Department of Electrical Engineering, Sukkur IBA University, was established in 2007 with the vision of incorporating engineering techniques and skills within unique spirit of Sukkur IBA–a university oriented towards quality education and credible degree, having indispensable interdepartmental collaboration. The department has made rapid progress on all fronts, acquiring state of the art laboratory facilities, highly qualified faculty and above all creating an environment conducive for academic excellence.

Over the past 10-year Sukkur IBA university has graduated 150+ engineering students. The DOEE is constantly striving to raise the overall quality of our graduating students through innovative teaching techniques, and hands-on experience. The focus of attention is not only to impart engineering knowledge and analytical skills but also to enable students to apply them to solve real-world problems.

The DoEE has sample resources at its disposal to accommodate 600 UG students. A long-term ambition is to develop DoEE into one of the premium destination for a degree in Electrical Engineering in Pakistan and beyond.