The Department of Energy Systems Engineering

Technological change and sustainable development are only possible through some quality education, research and outreach. Solving global energy problems is one of the great challenges to human society.
In 2014, a unique Department of Energy Systems Engineering was established. Focusing on renewable energy a four years program is designed to produce engineers with immaculate communication skills and technical knowledge, who can contribute in the field of Energy Systems Engineering and to apply their academic knowledge to overcome the energy crises of the country.


The Energy Systems Engineering Department endeavors to provide energy engineers of the premier quality and to conduct state-of-the-art research.


Mission of the Department of Energy Systems Engineering is to provide a quality engineering education through innovative teaching, to conduct vigorous research and to stand-in a close collaboration with the industry. Department targets to produce Energy Engineers of the top of the class who endure and advance for the integrity, decency and dignity of their profession, while taking active part in the development of the society by providing sustainable solutions to address the energy crises.

Program Educational Objectives

The department is devoted to contribute in the field of Energy Engineering by focusing on alternate/renewable energy resources. More specific objective is to produce graduates who have:
  • Up to date knowledge of the core and associated fields of Energy Engineering to identify the problem.
  • Ability to analyze the complex engineering problem and propose the solution by applying technical skills.
  • Ability to use modern numerical and experimental techniques to design the efficient energy system.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely by writing technical reports, conducting surveys and on filed oral communications.
  • Ability to sense the technological change and to get adjusted in the entrepreneurship and commercialization fields accordingly.
  • Ability to sense in communal, cultural and ethical issues of the society and act correctly.