The Department of Computer Systems Engineering

The Department of Computer Systems Engineering (CSE) was established to address the swift progressions of computer-based systems and applications in various fields of engineering. In the recent years, CSE has emerged as the heart line for linking several engineering disciplines together for enhancing academic research and industrial applications. Computer based industrial automation is one of the many such applications, which is extensively used in today’s market.
The department is offering a four years Bachelor of Engineering degree programme in Computer Systems Engineering.


To lead in the areas of computer systems engineering for producing world class engineers and researchers.


The mission of the Department of Computer Engineering Systems is to nurture, inspire, and educate students by providing a curriculum capable of tackling fundamental scientific problems, intersections of computer hardware, software and networking to achieve world-class research and leadership in the areas of Computer Systems Engineering

Program Educational Objectives

  • To provide students with the basic scientific background, computer hardware, software and networking knowledge for exceling in their careers
  • To engage in life-long learning and professional development to understand the contemporary issues and up-to-date knowledge of emerging technologies
  • To work efficiently as a team member or leader in multicultural and diverse environments
  • To provide students with effective analytical, research and communication skills to solve complex problems in computer systems engineering