Master of Engineering program at the department of Electrical Engineering was launched from the spring 2017 semester. The primary objective of this program is to establish a seat of higher education imparting quality education in the diverse fields of electrical engineering and renewable energy systems. With state of the art lab facilities, campus infrastructure and highly qualified faculty Sukkur IBA university is ideally suited for fresh students and mid-career professionals looking to pursue higher education.
The department of Electrical Engineering boasts unparalleled and state of the art labs and highly qualified faculty. The geographical location of the campus is another salient feature of the program as this provides an ideal platform to the community of Sukkur and surrounding areas including upper Sindh and southern Punjab.
Sukkur IBA University is constantly striving to establish international linkages. Sukkur IBA University has entered into an MOU with North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) to offer a (1+1) joint degree program. Under this program the students of ME (Renewable Energy) program will have the option to complete their dissertation through research work at NCEPU.

Program Mission

The mission of Department of Electrical Engineering is to produce quality engineers through academic excellence and meritorious platform by infusing ethical values, innovative and leadership qualities to address societal needs and imparting engineering education along with applied research, based on sound technical knowledge enabling graduates to contribute in commercial and entrepreneurial ventures at global level.

Program Goals

The primary focus of this program is to instill critical scientific skills, understanding of modern scientific platforms and ability to analyze contemporary research problems and propose solutions.
The specific objective of this program is to groom competent and employable students

  1. having ability to formulate scientific problems and solve them through first principles.
  2. having requisite skills for analysis and synthesis of emerging scientific problems.
  3. having ability design and develope complex systems through contemporary scientific software tools and hardware platforms.
  4. having ability to present their research findings to peers in written and oral form.
  5. having innate ability to engage in life-long learning.
Sukkur IBA University has signed MoU with North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) to offer 1+1 Masters of engineering degree in renewable energy. Under this program the students will complete first year of ME program at Sukkur IBA and continue their dissertation through research work at NCEPU.


Modes of Registration

Full Time
In this mode of enrollment
  • Scholars can register in up to four courses per semester.
  • Classes will be scheduled throughout the week.
  • Opportunity to earn research assistantship.
  • Minimum Duration of completion 2 years, Maximum 4 years.
  • Part Time
    This mode of enrollment is ideally suited for mid-careers professionals pursuing growth through further education. In this mode of enrollment
    • Students can register up to two courses per semester
    • All courses will be offered on Friday evening or Saturday.
    • Minimum Duration of completion 3 years, Maximum 4 years

      Eligibility Criteria

    • Academic Eligibility
    • Performance in NTS/STS General Test
    • Interview Performance
    • Academic Eligibility
      • ME (Electrical Engineering) BS/BE in (Bio-Medical, Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Environment, Mechatronics, Telecommunication Engineering)
      • ME (Renewable Energy) BS/BE in (Electrical, Electronics, Energy and Environment, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Telecommunication Engineering )
      • The degree should be duly recognized by HEC with a minimum 130 credit hours. The candidates must have secured 60% marks in the undergraduate degree.
      NTS GAT General TEST/ SIBA Graduate Test
      The applications must have a valid STS/ NTS GAT score of 50 for admission.
      Interview Performance:
      Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview.

      Requirements for Completion of the Degree

      For completion of the ME degree, the candidates must fulfill the following requirements

      Through Thesis

      • Candidates must have completed 24 credit hours of course work.
      • Candidate must successfully defend their thesis after due vetting and approval of internal and external examiners.
      • Candidate must maintain a minimal CGPA of 2.5.

      Through Coursework

      • Candidates must have complete 30 credit hours of course work.
      • Candidate must maintain a minimal CGPA of 2.5.