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With a range of master's and advanced degree programs and subject-area graduate credit certificates, American College of Education equips teachers and other professionals with practical tools and strategies to apply better leadership, stronger curriculum, and new technology to add value to their school, work, and learning communities.

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  • Watch and learn leading research professors from the convenience of your computer.
  • Study on your schedule.
  • Collaborate with other students.
  • Learn from veteran educators and leaders.
  • Create a productive learning environment in your class.
  • Improve student performance in your school.
  • Advance your career.

Education for RESULTS

American College of Education is committed to improving the academic achievement of our nation’s P-12 students. The College provides results-oriented curriculum. Our graduates then raise student achievement through evidence-based teaching and learning.

To achieve these goals, ACE follows the conceptual framework "Education for Results." The framework informs the design and development of the College’s operations and instructional practices to ensure that its graduates positively impact P-12 students:

Relevant We believe that all learning must be relevant to the work and challenges our graduates will experience in their schools.
Evidence-based We believe that effective decision-making, curriculum development, instructional delivery and assessment must be evidence-based and lead to improved student achievement.
Student-focused We believe our graduates must display a passion for the success of their students and serve as change agents in their school districts.
Uniting We believe in creating partnerships with high-need, urban school districts to ensure effective teaching for all students and, ultimately, closing achievement gaps.
Leading We believe all educators, whether teachers or administrators, must serve as leaders with their students, colleagues and communities to create and cultivate school cultures of continuous improvement.
Technology-driven We believe that our graduates will use current instructional technology to prepare their students for success in an increasingly complex technological society.
Systematic We believe that educational reform requires a comprehensive and collaborative process that is focused on student learning, school-wide and classroom instructional practices, as well as system-wide operational and continuous improvement systems.